Goodyear tyres

Why should you choose goodyear as your ideal road partner?


History of Goodyear tyres:

The first recorde event occurre in 1898 when Frank Seiberling bought a tiny carton board firm in Akron, Ohio, in the United States. Frank and his 13 employees starte manufacturing a variety of rubber goods at the plant, including hoses, sealing rings, gaskets for horseshoes, as well as tyres for bicycles and ox-drawn carts. The site of the production, which was near the Little Cuyahoga River, help to make up for the city’s problematic transportation accessibility. It serve as the primary conduit for the organization of cotton and rubber supplies coming from all over the world.

To preserve tyre performance throughout its lifespan while the tread wears, Goodyear invented Smartwear in 2008. The fuel-saving FuelSaving technology was normaly incorporate into the design of the EfficientGrip tyre the next year, which dramatically reduce fuel consumption and, as a result, exhaust emissions into the atmosphere. 

Here we will also tell about the best brand of Goodyear Tyres Crawley.

Best Goodyear tyres:

  • Goodyear Ultra grip 700:

The Ultra Grip 500 model takes the top spot in the category of winter tyres for passenger cars. It is truly offere for rims between 13 and 20 inches, and its tread height ranges from 40 to 75 mm. The maximum speed index for each version is 190 km/h, although the load per wheel can vary from 475 to 1090 kg. Reduce acceleration time is easily achieve through the tread pattern’s V-shaped inlays and longer base. The tyre was normally made using 3D-BIS technology, in which the sipe walls lock themselves, adding more edges for interaction Tyres Crawley.

  • Goodyear Eagle UG EW-3:

Goodyear passenger car tyres with R16–18 rims come in second. There are 87 standard sizes available for the model. A unique low profile of 40–45 mm is one of the design elements that provide the automobile with a sportier look. Despite the absence of studs, drivers laud winter tyres for their exceptional road grip in reviews. This is easily caused by the existence of a solid, herringbone-shaped rib in the running region. The V-TRED technology is responsible for the trademark pattern, which has previously undergone extensive testing. Similar to the preceding tyres, these ones have self-locking sipes, which enhance traction in both dry and wet conditions.

Summer tyres:

  • Goodyear eagle F1 asymmetric 5:

The Asymmetric 5 model, which took the place of the earlier Asymmetric 3 model, is the top summer tyre from the Goodyear brand. Rubber is easily made for “iron horses” with strong engines and owners who like to get the most out of them. Three longitudinal ribs that provide exceptional road holding set the tread pattern apart. The good grip, minimal rolling resistance, and quick feedback are truly praise by drivers as making it easier to manage. Acceleration is without slip, and normal maneuvering is easily  prevente from uneven wear by the large interior.

  • Goodyear Efficient grip performance:

This is yet another summer tyre from Goodyear that was normally create for drivers and powerful cars. Three ribs with transverse grooves make up the tread pattern, which increases the size of the contact patch and boosts traction. Massive shoulder blocks that prevent control loss when entering a turn at 60 km/h are what set the sidewall apart. The Goodyear tyres perform flawlessly on wet pavement thanks to the prominent longitudinal grooves for water drainage that is present even in this model, according to customer feedback.

Why Goodyear  is different from all other tyres:

The rubber compound used in Goodyear tyres is a durable, lightweight, and flexible rubber compound. The reformulated increases, as a foundation, lessen stress on wet and dry surfaces. This material also improves reduced wear and tear. Also, this highly designed-silica ingredient reduces the possibility of blowouts. 

Why Choose Goodyear tyres:

Goodyear first entered the auto sector a century ago. However, because it sells a lot of tyres and relate goods, the corporation is normally dispersed throughout 23 nations. Additionally, the corporation has more than 55 manufacturing facilities worldwide, making its products broadly accessible in nations including the UK, the USA, and India. The ultimate safety and comfort for all users is the company’s slogan, which applies to this mid-range premium tyre supplier as well. As a result, the excellence of this tyre manufacturing and rubber industry made Goodyear a legitimate rival to numerous businesses in and around the UK. 

How to Choose the Best Pair of Tyres for your vehicle?:

Choosing tyres is such a difficult task right now. After all, these are the top three anxieties that every buyer has:

  • among the tens of thousands of brands sold worldwide, which tyre company is the greatest?
  • What is the ideal dimension for more comfortable car rides?
  • What are the functions of the various tyre varieties, and how can I choose the right important model for my car?

Well! Goodyear Tyres are the exclusive answer to all of these issues. These Tyres Crawley undoubtedly offer outstanding driving comfort at a reasonable cost.


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