Visitor Management Solutions

How visitor management solutions can promote your salon business?


Everyone of us has to visit salon for haircuts and  facial treatments once a month. Women love going to the salon, whether its to feel more confident, reinvent themselves or simply because they’re bored, they are up for a trip to salon. Have you ever realized how much time is wasted in making an appointment and then waiting for your turn? Most of the times we have to wait for our turn, then after having a haircut barbers always ask for customer feedback from their potential and repeating cutomers.

Installing visitor management system for salons will save time and reduce hassle involved in maintaining customer records and details. A visitor management system will not only check-in customers at your salon, but will add an extra-ordinary charm to your reception and will serve in an impressive way to welcome your guests. Most of the salons collect customer contact numbers so that they can collect customer feedback, stay in touch and interact whenever there is any deal or offer available. With visitor management solutions, you balance your regular work and walk-in appointments, welcome your guests smartly  with ease of touch and notify them on their registered devices whenever there are any promotional deals available. When a customer enters your salon, he/she has to enter all the basic details on the visitor management system required by the owner. Visitor management systems also capture your photograph and digital signature that are also displayed on your visitor badge .

It can be used to retrieve any visitor data,details of incoming or outgoing of guests. In case of emergency, photograph captured can be verified by the hosts to avoid hassle or any confusion. When a customer repeats visit at your salon, he/she just has to enter registered mobile number on the visitor management system. Thus, when you check-in for the second time the only time consumed will be in form of services offered by the salon, thereby eliminating the consumption of extra time

You just have to use the phone number that you entered while checking in for the first time and you are all set to pamper yourself with the services offered by the salon staff. Thus, when you check in for the second time, the only time consumed will be in the form of services offered to you by the salon, thereby eliminating the consumption of extra time waiting time. For additional insights you can view customer records to spot trends and identify returning customers. It’s time to make your guests comfortable and your salon business run smoother than ever before with help of salon visitor management system!!

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