Enabling us to move from one point to another, the essence of a vehicle guarantees that movement becomes easier and we do not have to face many issues regarding transportation. A vehicle allows us to go from one point to another easily. With a vehicle, movement becomes easy and not languid. On the other hand, using public transit can be time-consuming and make one more liable to get late to their destinations.

As such, using a vehicle and buying a Goodyear Tyres Aberdeen vehicle becomes a matter of importance for several people. By investing in a car, one can ensure that they get from one point to another seamlessly and without any delays. 

However, the care of the vehicle is an equally important part of its usage. Without proper performance and internal parts, the kind of mileage and deliverables we expect from the car is ludicrous.

This is why it is pivotal to subject your car to regular rounds of maintenance and care. In the long run, this will ensure that your car can maintain its longevity and keep delivering the kind of performance the user wants. On average, the vehicle has several parts that can incur damage on the road. It is best to ensure that you take care of each part properly. 


As one of the parts of the car that are always near the road, the maintenance of the tyre is pivotal to the performance of the car. If there are any damage to the tyres, the car will not be able to function as well as one wants. This is why it is best to ensure that your tyres can keep moving despite terrible road conditions. 

However, given the condition of the road and the driving of the user, it is possible for the tyres to incur damages. There are different kinds of tyre damage that can hinder the performance of the car, making it difficult for the user to move from one point to another seamlessly.  

Tyre damages like puncturers and flats are very common. When a sharp object pierces the tread, and the tyre pressure decreases on this account, it can end up affecting the car’s performance. This is why people believe in keeping run-flat tyres on their cars or even having the relevant expertise to change the tyres at once to avoid severe damage. 

Similarly, tyre damages like cuts and cracks can happen over time due to negligence of maintenance and care. Uneven exposure to UV rays can create corrosion which further leads to cracks on the tyre surfaces. These cracks can even cut the tyre tread and release all the air pressure; it is best to undertake Tyres Online Aberdeen maintenance regularly so that tyres can keep performing seamlessly throughout their service period. 


Since there are several reasons for tyres incurring damage, it is vital to undertake maintenance from time to time. Here are some ways in which you can ensure tyres do not incur frequent damages: 

  1. Tread maintenance: 

When you purchase a new tyre, it will naturally have a tyre tread depth of 8mm. However, as time passes by, this tyre tread depth will decrease on account of consistent use on the road. As all tyre wears, it is vital to ensure that your tyre tread depth is at the minimum level that guarantees safety. It is best to apply the 10p method or head to the garage in good time to keep checking the tyre tread depth. Another indicator of little tyre tread depth is if the tread wear indicators become visible on the tyre wall. When this happens, tyre replacement is imminent, and one should undertake the same timely.  

  1. Tyre pressure: 

Without the proper pressure, tyres are nothing but rubber tubes. Therefore, the importance of pressure within tyres simply cannot be overlooked. It is necessary to undertake maintenance of tyres timely by maintaining their tyre pressure.

Since tyres lose 1n of pressure every month anyway, it is vital to make sure that you are filling it up in timely intervals. Failure to maintain tyre pressure can lead to conditions like overinflation and underinflation. While the former can cause structural damage, the latter can affect the performance of the vehicle completely, rendering it immobile. 

  1. Tyre rotation: 

Depending on the kind of mileage your car Tyres Online Aberdeen provides, the maintenance gaps of the car will naturally differ. The same goes for the tyres. Using tyres regularly means that the tyre tread will wear.

However, it is also possible for the tyre tread to wear unevenly. When this happens, it can be the cause for early tyre replacement and bad performance on the road. Therefore, to save your tyres from such a predicament, it is best to take tyre rotation timely. Experts suggest that tyre rotation should be done every 12,000 miles to ensure good performance on the road.


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