5 Tips To Prepare For NEET Exams At Home

5 Tips To Prepare For NEET Exams At Home


Exam season is on! With board exams and the subsequent NEET exam being just around the corner, aspirants are gearing up for it with high-powered preparations. It is show time now, pull up your socks and brace yourselves to give the best performance of your life! The competition is higher than ever and pressure, soaring. As the future is at stake, students just do not want to compromise on anything when it comes to becoming medical professionals, especially.

Examophobia is real; they can be daunting. We tend to get panicky regarding which strategy to adopt and stick to it till the last or simply what other tips may be added to the already existing planner to achieve that perfect NEET score. Most students take up coaching classes to deal with it, on the other hand, many of us are not able to do so. This page helps you prepare for exams without having to attend any coaching classes. Yes, it is possible!

The most common question one comes across while preparing for competitive exams is whether or not to take up coaching classes. Here is the answer, exams can be easily qualified on one’s own, provided a full-proof planning and agile study methodologies. Just dedicated efforts and a disciplined routine can work wonders.

Master the art of self-study to ace NEET exams. Here we bring to you the top 5 tips to prepare for exams at home:

Well-acquainted with the Syllabus/Study Documents

Goes without saying, the syllabus for any exam is the most important document. You must be aware of the exact syllabus and understand it completely. It is suggested to refer to the NEET previous year question paper to assess the level of difficulty and also understand the exam pattern. Refer to the latest notifications for NEET and then start with skimming through papers. Follow a powerful study planner It is extremely important to have a fixed routine when you are into self-study. This can be checked by having a dedicated and effective study planner. Make note of your activities through the day and customize your planner, accordingly. This ensures you do not digress from your plan and also tracks your progress. Document one now! Set up weekly targets to achieve One takes up coaching classes as they are regular and follow a routine. They ensure the syllabus is completed and revisions/tests are conducted on a weekly basis. You can imitate the same routine systematically at home. Fixing targets and achieving them is a big part of self-study. Ensure the set topics are covered, revisions, mock tests/question paper solving is done. But, remember to be practical while setting targets. They must be achievable.Confidence and positivity in exams, especially competitive exams, confidence is the key. Half your job is done if exam fear and anxiety is at bay. With a calm and composed mind, you can concentrate better on solving questions. It also instils a sense of confidence. To achieve success, it is imperative to have a positive mind frame. These two key aspects arise from exhaustive revisions and practice. Once that is checked and locked, cracking the exam will be a cakewalk for you. Stick to the standard resources, then move to the related sources Quality takes preference over quantity here. One needs to focus on completely going through the standard NCERT resources first and then approach the related sources after revising multiple times. One can excel at NEET by extensive revisions. It is important to understand that competitive exams are an assessment of the application of knowledge. It is about devising an effective strategy and its proper execution. No one other than you can understand your plus points and weaknesses, not even coaching classes. Know your strengths, work hard on weaker sections and watch how success beckons you.

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