Types of display cases to keep your products safe

Types of display cases to keep your products safe


Display cases are an extremely versatile and cost-effective option for displaying different products. They not only protect your products from daily wear and tear but they display them attractively and safely without interfering with other different products.

You can use such cases for displaying a range of products from jewelry to football. They also make the good pint of sale display as they display them clearly and offer good protection. They also deter the products of over-eager shoppers from rough handling.

Types of cases

  • There are various types of different cases available on today’s market and they are made from several different materials. Probably the most cost-effective and most versatile display case is made from acrylic. This is an ideal material to use. The reasons are like they are very much lightweight and do not shatter like the glass. Acrylic also has very light protection qualities; in some cases, these can protect your items from up to 90% from UV light. It ensures that your products will be safe completely.  The UV filter may help in protecting your items from fading or becoming sun damaged very fast. Standard cases are made of usually 5mm thick clear acrylic. Glass ones are available on the market also. Glass cases can cost twice the amount compared to the acrylic cases.
  • Another cost fortune option can be the shipping glass cases because glass items are difficult to transport and can be very fragile. Standard acrylic cases come with the acrylic base onto the clear fits acrylic lid.
  • There are also display cases made of wood. There are different designs and sizes of these cases. Some also have the polygonal shape or some have the apparent spherical structure. You will find the flat display cases also.
  • There are many other types of cases that are flat. But most of the good quality wooden cases come up with fine finishing. The craftsmen equally concentrate now on making the cases as they do in instances of giving such intricate touches to other valuable items that are being displayed. These wooden cases are surely the wonderful possessions that one ought to have.
  • There are also different wood varieties like mahogany; maple and pine etc are being used to create these cases. These types of cases are like style quotients or meant to show the elegance for many owners of jewelry who regard them of extreme worth.
  • These cases are also available in different sizes and even come up with a small lock option to ensure that your precious items are displayed securely and safely. Lock based cases are ideal for antiques, jewelry and signed memorabilia.

If are looking for the cases to display multiple items choose the case that comes with different compartments. These types of cases are ideal for wall mount or countertop. They are good for displaying lots of smaller products. Display cases are available with or also without locks. You need to choose the right one as per your requirements, budget and the products you want to keep.

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