Popular Career Path after Completion of Cert IV Certification

Popular Career Path after Completion of Cert IV Certification


If you can be a licensed builder you will get many opportunities in the construction job market in Australia. There are different certificates that allows you to have a good career path and among them cert 4 building and construction is one. There are many jobs that you can get after this certification but before going into them in details let’s go through what this certification is all about.

What’s a Cert IV?

You can do Cert IV after you have completed the certificate III. Once that is done you can opt to take up apprentice and join in job later. There is another choice that you may do a diploma is building and construction or do Cert IV.

It is one of the popular construction certifications and while undergoing this certification you can learn about preparing and managing low-rise residential building projects including planning. You can also get a builder license and then work as a supervisor or even start your own business. Both Cert IV and diploma improves your supervisory skills. Compared to Cert IV Diploma is a longer course and you work on commercial or mid-rise buildings.

You can get builder license after completing Cert IV and learn about the rules and regulations of Australian building and Construction industry. In order to get license you have to apply at the Victorian Building Authority. After this certification is done you can apply for the licenser. There are several types of license like Limited and Unlimited Domestic builder, Limited and Unlimited Commercial builder and Manager Domestic Builder.

Now let’s look for the different positions you can get after completion of the certification.

Job Positions after certification

You can join as any of the following

            Site supervisor

The main function of a Site supervisor is to watch over the construction project. They need to ensure that the construction complies with the construction safety regulations. The importance of this role is that they have to asses and manage any onsite hazards and minimize any risk for the construction workers. This job role also expects the supervisor to inspect the site and make the workers aware of any hazards and thereby decrease rate of injuries.

            Construction planner

The main job role of a construction planner is to schedule construction work and coordinate it. The responsibility of delivering a project on time and within budget lies on the construction planner. They are the one who plans out the best way a project can be handled. They optimize the plan of the project so that the project can fetch best returns within the scheduled time frame.

Construction Manager

The construction manager plays an important role in any construction company because they lead any project from start to end. They hire every worker, supervise them and work along with the construction planners and site supervisor to complete the project at its best.

With the growing job prospects the demand of these types of experts are high in demand in construction industry of Australia.

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