How to whiten yellow teeth with Home Remedies

How to whiten yellow teeth with Home Remedies


Home Remedies For Teeth Whitening

All about how to whiten yellow teeth: 7 easy recipes step by step

The teeth whitening tips have become fashionable among men and women around the world, since they are low cost and their effectiveness is very high. Many people are looking to know how to whiten yellow teeth and get a beautiful look in their mouth and raise their self-esteem, because we like people to see us with a beautiful white smile, is not it?

There are many ways to do a home tooth whitening, most people will see long-term results, but you will see them, and at a low cost, especially considering the chemicals and abrasive methods that dentists recommend. Fortunately, there are alternatives on how to whiten yellow teeth  that, in any case, can be used in conjunction with other methods to obtain better results, and all can be applied at home, relatively inexpensively.

Do you want to make sure you have your teeth in good condition? You should consult to Dr.Roze best dental clinic in Dubai. It is very important to have good oral health habits since a dental problem can have more negative consequences than you can imagine.

If you really do not take care of your teeth seriously, it will not be long before the decay appears and your gums start to get sick. A diseased mouth directly affects not only your health, but also your self-esteem, and smiling will cost you a lot.

Tips on How to Maintain Oral Health:

Choose a toothbrush that is comfortable to use:

This is a more than obvious suggestion, but it is also the most important of the tips, make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly, preferably after every meal. If brushing after each meal is not possible, then at least twice a day. Brushing removes most of the food remains that stick to the teeth. Do not press too hard the tooth brush, you can wear the enamel of the teeth.


A tip that few people follow is after brushing the teeth to run the finger over the upper and lower gums with movements as if it were a brushing of gums, but without toothpaste; then rinse with water.

Floss daily

To support your dental cleaning regimen through regular brushing, it is recommended to floss after using the toothbrush. Flossing enters the holes where the brush can not.

If you want to make sure you eliminate as much plaque as it is a major contributor to tooth discoloration, use dental floss, which is the only way in which you will get rid of all that oral dirt.

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See A Dentist At Least Once Every 12 Months

Visit the dentist once a year for a routine check-up and cleaning. Your dentist will be able to eliminate plaque buildup behind the teeth that nobody sees, but that ends up causing problems. Your dentist will take care of the health of your teeth and gums and will also identify the most important oral health problems.

Better to see your dentist more often for routine exams and preventive maintenance.

Drinking Water with Food

Another element that is good for whitening teeth is drinking water with food. Drinking water is almost as good as washing, it is able to eliminate food stuck between the teeth. This is especially useful when you are eating and do not have a toothbrush in your hand.

Eat An Apple After A Meal

A great method to clean the teeth for those who are eating and do not have a brush at hand, is to eat an apple after a meal, as it will help to remove the remains of food left between the teeth that can cause bad breath and tooth decay dental
By eating the apple you will produce saliva which is a natural way to combat the buildup of plaque between your teeth.

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Recipes for Whitening Teeth At Home:

Strawberries help whiten teeth:

Do not overlook natural cleaners, such as strawberries.

Gently rub your teeth with strawberries, can produce great results (often you can start whitening your teeth with only a few applications). The good news is that it tastes great and is completely natural.

How to do it:

1- Make a puree until it forms a paste.

2- Gently apply the strawberry paste with your fingers.

3- Leave the strawberry paste for 2 to 5 minutes to act on the teeth.

4- Wash well with water, especially to remove seeds that may be between the teeth.

5- Wash your teeth normally using toothpaste.

6- Repeat this suggestion with strawberry paste every time you brush your teeth, take a few days to have an effect.

Use Carbon To Whiten Teeth:

Simply rub your teeth with a small piece of charcoal and then brush to remove the residue. Rub gently for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute. Be careful not to brush the gums.
Rinse with water and then brush with toothpaste normally.

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Remember that even with the use of natural products to clean our teeth, you have to brush your teeth every day . Foods are complementary in oral hygiene, do not replace brushing and other care that you need to have.

Lemon Juice As A Home Remedy To Whiten Teeth:

Lemon with baking soda:
– The juice of 1 lemon
– 1 teaspoon of coffee with baking soda.


Mix the lemon juice and baking soda in a glass. Apply the mixture gently on the teeth.
Rinse with water after brushing. Be careful not to swallow this mixture during the teeth whitening process. Ingestion may cause vomiting. If you have cuts or sores in your mouth, you may feel a burning sensation when using the mixture.

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