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Anime movies and series are liked by everyone, whether they be a child or an adult. People also love to have accessories and apparels of anime characters as they look so adorable and eye-catching. If you have ever watched Ghibli Studio movies or series, you must be aware of various Ghibli studio anime characters. One of such character is No Face Spirited Away character. It is a character with it’s face covered with a white anonymous mask. If you love this no face character and want to get its apparel or accessories, you can find a lot on the Ghibli Store. You can find accessories and apparels ranging from t-shirts to keyrings.

What is No Face Spirited Away Character?

No Face Spirited Away is actually a fictional character whose name is Kaonashi. When it was introduced first by Ghibli Studios it appeared in semi-transparent state. Although his organs are visible and are in pulsating state the character do not have any actual form. His mask is also big in size which hides a bigger unknown face. When you watch him closely you will realize that he leaves footprints while walking. You can learn more here about the no face by searching about it on the internet.

The character gained lots of popularity and because of this there are many merchandises are available on Ghibli Store which officially introduced the character to its show.

Let us see some of the featured products of No Face Spirited Away available on Ghibli Store.

No Face Featured Products

Pillow Covers 

Want to make your kids pillow cover look amazing? Or do you want to decorate your cushions with famous No Face anime character cover? You can find pillow covers of various designs on Ghibli Stores which features No Face Spirited Away character. There is also a sale of 50% on the featured products.

No Face Costumes

After the show of No Face many of the kids are so overwhelmed by the character that they wanted to get dressed like that. No Face costumes are one of the most featured products on Ghibli Store. If you order now, you can buy it on 50% slashed prices and that too with free delivery as the website delivers over the globe for free. So, if you are a fan of No Face Spirited Away character, this costume can be one of the best buys for as it is available on sale price. It is available is 3 sizes which are Size S: 160cm, Size M: 170cm, and Size L: 180cm. So, look for your size and grab one as soon as possible as the sale is for limited period of time.

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