5 things to consider before buying a gift online

5 things to consider before buying a gift online


Today, in this modern era, everything is available online – starting from daily essentials like medicines, and groceries to fancy items like gifts. Today’s busy lifestyle makes people buy most of the things online. it saves both time and energy. So many shopping portals are doing great where you can buy varieties of products. Some of them are programmed to sell particular products.

Some of the popular online shopping portals are only meant for selling gifts. Here, you will find the perfect gift for a particular occasion. Among the wide variety of gifts, you can choose anything for your loved ones and send it directly to them. These portals will take care of delivering your gift to the right person on time.

While most of the online gift shops are dedicated to bringing a broad smile to your face, some fake and illegal online stores are there that cheat their customers. You need to be very careful before buying gifts online India for your loved ones. Who wants to be cheated in the middle of a celebration?

Here, we’ve bought to you the most important tips that you should follow before buying a gift for any online portal.

  1. Is the website genuine?

 Check the authenticity of the online shopping portal before buying anything from there. The sign “https://” is the most important signal of a secured web portal. Also, you can identify a fraud website by checking certain points:

Most of the fake sites are poorly designed.

They don’t provide any genuine contact details like a valid phone number, address or email     

id. They don’t show up with a clear return policy, copyright declaration and website terms & 


  1. Check the previous customer reviews:

Are you going to shop from a website for the first time? Make sure you have gone through the previous customer reviews. If you find a lot of negative reviews against that website, don’t proceed to shop from it.

  1. Check the authenticity of the website’s too profitable offerings:

Usually, fake shopping portals offer amazing deals to attract customers – these are too far from reality. Their intention is clear – attract more customers, and fraud with their money. But you will end up receiving a fake product by spending a lot of money on it. Even you may not receive any product after making an advanced payment for it.

  1. Do the gifting products worth the money spent on them?

Compare the product prices with the price of other popular gifting websites. Maybe you want to buy coffee mugs with photo for your family members. Check whether they are asking for a reasonable price or not.

  1. Know about the return policy:

Before buying a beautiful gift for your loved ones from an online web portal, check the shipping & return policies. Check whether the particular product is returnable or not. Avoid buying non-returnable.

Check the payment and refund policy. Do they receive only advanced payment? How many days it will take after returning a product? If no such time limit is mentioned clearly, avoid buying from there.

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